8+ Marvelous Ways to Use Old Jeans for Decor Ideas

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Do you have old-unused jeans inside your cupboard? Sometimes, having the old jeans and I am sure that mostly it is broken is disturbing. You cannot wear it and it just becomes trash inside the cupboard. However, today, you can utilize the unused old jeans to become useful things. Well, do you ever hear about the home decor with old jeans?

Your unused old jeans will give you another sight of the home decor when you get some creative ideas to use. Of course, it can be a great DIY home decor concept, especially for those who love to do some experiments in their life.

The first idea to use old jeans for home decor is to make doormat. Something that you need to know, jeans are a good fabric and it is tight enough. The basic quality of jeans will be useful to make a durable doormat to be placed in several places inside your home.

Of course, to make doormat from unused old jeans, you need to cut and slice the jeans. Then, arrange the cut jeans based on the shape of the doormat that you want to make. Of course, those are many free videos that can be the helper in the making process.

The next way to use the old jeans for the home decor idea is to apply it to make some placemat. I am sure that it is an interesting idea to be considered. Using the jeans as the material of the placemat will deliver a stunning and elegant look. Of course, the placemat also will be useful to be applied in different needs, such as to cover the cookers, vases, and others.

Well, creativity becomes the key when you want to make some crafts using old jeans as the basic materials. Here, we have several samples and ideas of home decor with old jeans that maybe can inspire you. Scroll down the samples of it inside this page!

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