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Rattan pendant light is very beautiful items. It is unique and can make your home more interesting. This contemporary item can be used as statement piece in the room. It can add comfortable feeling into the room with warm atmosphere that comes from the light.

But if you want to use this type of lighting, you must consider a few things. First you need to choose the type of pendant that you will use. There are various types such as shades, linear or multi arm. Choose it based on the aesthetic of the room that you want to achieve with the pendant light.

That is why, you need to also know where you will be putting the pendant light. Choose a spot that has high ceiling with minimum 2.1m clearance. This is important so you can easily pass through under the light. Unless you are planning to put the lights on top of something then you might be able to use smaller light.

Sizing is also very important when choosing rattan pendant light. You need to make sure that the size is in balance with everything else around it. If it is put on top of a table then the size should be balanced with the table size.

Another thing that you need to consider is the maintenance. Rattan light is very easy to maintain. Especially since it is a natural material that can be cleaned easily. Just use some cloth to wipe the surface of the rattan to clean the dust.

When it comes to shape, you will find various pendant shape in the market. You need to find one that have more of contemporary look if that is the theme you are going for. You can also use multiple smaller pendant to create lined effect. Here are some rattan pendant light with contemporary design that you can use for unique appearance.

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