58+ Clever Studio Apartment Decorating Ideas

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Those who are living in small space surely need apartment decorating ideas. Studio apartment have very small space, which make it difficult to arrange. Furthermore, you do not want the decoration to make the space to appear tiny which is another challenge to do.

Dividing the space into areas is the first challenge that you need to overcome. Since you do not want to waste any space, then it is better to use something functional. For example, you can use shelves as divider of the space. You can then use the shelves for additional storage.

Furniture is something that usually take too much space. That is why, it is better if you choose furniture that is space saving. It would be clever if you can find multifunctional furniture. For example, you can find sofa bed that you can use as sofa during the day then bed at night.

Once everything is ready, now it is time to decorate. You can try to create accent wall to make your apartment decorating ideas appear more interesting. Choose accent that you like such as colored wall or even patterned wallpaper. But only use it one of the walls do not apply it to all walls.

Those that loves art should not worry as it is better for you to use big piece of arts on the wall. the art can act as replacement for the accent wall. Furthermore, the art will add more personality to your design. Surely you will be able to enjoy the studio more with beautiful arts around.

Do not waste any space in your studio. Make use of everything to put extra storage that you always need. However, be very careful with the decoration. Do not put too much decoration that can be consider as wasting space. Here are some apartment decorating ideas that you can use in studio apartment as clever solution.

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