57+ Creative Storage Ideas For Under Stairs

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Those that have limited space might need to use creative storage ideas especially under the stars. The space here usually wasted since we cannot actually use it for anything since the space is limited. However, with some creativity, you can actually use the space for various things.

First you can try to make a reading nook under the stairs. Make a build in bench where you can sit or lie down on the space. Add some shelves behind to store things such as books or you can even use it to decorate. Make it more comfortable by adding a few pillows.

Those who needs a real storage can easily install shelving under the stairs. These shelving can be use to store a lot of things. The space is actually big enough for you to create shelving which useful for extra storage. Use basket so you can organize the items easily.

Something simple can also be created such as cabinets. Use double door so the cabinet space can be large enough. With doors you can hide everything that you store inside. Thus, you do not need to be worry when you store a lot of random things inside.

Home office is something that you can also build under stairs. You can build a desk area with a few shelving on top to organize your papers. This is very efficient way for those who want to work at home. You can even have some drawers to organize the office supply.

Do not forget to decorate the space that you have under. You can be as creative as you want to be with the space and use it as storage. But you can also create a shelving that you can use as display shelves. That way you will have space to decorate beautifully. Here are some creative storage ideas that you can use under stairs area.

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