45+ Remarkable Cottage House Exterior Design Ideas

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Cottage house exterior is very interesting and remarkable to have. That is why the design is becoming popular these days. If you want to make this design, there are a few things that you need to pay attention. Especially since the exterior would be the face of your house that also represent the interior.

First you need to pay attention on the door. This door could be considered as the main element of a house exterior. You would want to have front door with large windows on it. This will give the cottage vibes that you want. Do not forget that you need to also install second layer door. This is the screen door which is another signature of this design.

For the windows, you will need to install some shutters. This shutter is a common thing that used on cottage windows. Furthermore, by adding the shutters you will actually add more interest point to the cottage house exterior.

Still on the windows, you need to install some windows boxes under the window area. This box will be used as planters to grow some flowers or herbs that you often use in the kitchen. The plantation will actually make the windows area more alive and unite it with the outdoor space better.

If you really want an authentic feeling for your cottage exterior, then you might want to grow some climbing plants. Make them grow on the exterior of your house which will add more beauty and natural feeling. But it may need a lot of time until you get the result that you want.

On the exterior wall, try to also use a lot of natural material such as wood or stones. Nowadays there are wall veneers that allow you to get the same appearance easier. Here are some of cottage house exterior with remarkable design that you can use as ideas.

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