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One way that can make your space be spectacular is to use innovative mirror ideas. This mirror also has various functions that can make the room more interesting. First it can make the room feels bigger since you will get the feeling of two space instead of one. Next it will also help to brighten the room because it can reflect lights.

However, if you want to achieve those function, you need to choose the mirror to use carefully. First you need to choose which mirror type that you want to use. You can try to choose wall mirror, freestanding mirror, or even mirror that attached to furniture. There are plenty other types that you can choose according to your liking.

If you have limited space for example when you are living in studio apartment, then it is better to choose wall mirror. These innovative mirror ideas can be hung so it would not take any space in your floor.

You can always choose full length mirror if that is something that you really want. Do not afraid to go for bigger mirror if you really need. However, bigger mirror should be hung by itself instead of putting it on top of other furniture.

If you need to put it on top of other furniture, then you can choose smaller size mirror. Just make sure that the size is the same or a little bit smaller than the furniture where you put it in. that way, it will not be looked awkward when seen from afar.

The best thing about it is you can actually find mirror in various shapes. From round to rectangular to irregular shape. Those shapes will surely make the mirror appear more interesting and could make the space interesting. Here are some innovative mirror ideas that you can use to make the space be spectacular and cool.

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