42+ Top Shabby Kitchen Cute Kitchen Atmosphere

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If you want to have cute kitchen atmosphere then you might want to create shabby kitchen. This kitchen is using shabby chic theme that getting popular lately. It has very cute appearance because of the chic elements that used on the design.

This design is actually combination of various other style such as farmhouse but with more chic appearance. That is why, you can try to install farmhouse style sink in your shabby kitchen. This sink also very big which is great to have because of the function.

For the color scheme, you can basically find various colors. You can choose to use more traditional colors of more modern color that are using neutral color as the base. You can always blend them together to create the color scheme that you wanted.

Remember that hint of color is also something that common to have in shabby kitchen. Colors such as rose pink, mint green, gold, crème are very popular colors to be use. You can create cute kitchen atmosphere when using those colors in your kitchen.

Do not forget to add some rustic element on the kitchen. For example, you can use color wash technique for the furniture finishing. This will add the shabby appearance on the kitchen that match the theme well.

Cute elements can be got from the usage of cute items. For example, a lot of flower pattern which associated with this theme. You can also use plain pink color if you want something without color. But combining them both will be the way to go.

Add details such as crown molding on the cabinet, or use vintage handle to make it more stylish. This small detail will really add more value to your shabby kitchen. It will also make the appearance more interesting with detailed design. Here are some cute kitchen atmosphere that created using shabby kitchen style for ideas.

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