42+ Top Modern Cottage Exterior Design and Ideas

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Cottage exterior design is still one of the top ideas that a lot of people use. But nowadays people want to make it more modern. That way, the exterior will not appear too traditional but still get the classic element that everyone loved.

Let us start with the entrance which is the door. Cottage usually have door with big windows on it. This will make the house unite more with the outdoor area. However, to make it more modern, it is better to choose straight line. Use simple door with straight line and big window that have the same effect.

For the window big and open is the way to do it. However, for modern style, you might not want it to be too open. You can have high glass window with trim around it to get the cottage feeling that you want. Keep the frame simple to avoid looking too traditional.

Let us move to the garage area which usually not available in the cottage house. However, for modern house, it is an essential thing to have. For this you can try to add panels on the garage door. That way, you will unite it with the exterior wall better.

If it is possible try to add pathway in front of your door. Use classic theme such as herringbone to make it appear more authentic. However, do not add too many decorations but keep it simple so it will look mode modern.

Adding a house number would be a great accessory for your house exterior. You can try to choose modern font without too much curved. Choose simple color such as black with more classic material such as metal. That way you will be able to combine modern and classic at the same time. Here are some of the cottage exterior design with modern element that you can use as top ideas.

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