40+ Creative Fairy Garden Design Ideas

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Fairy garden design ideas will make your backyard area more stunning. Of course, you need to be very creative with your design. But you will surely enjoy the result since you will get beautiful panorama in your garden.

First, you might want to combine the garden with some rocks. Big rocks can be used to create a divider to line the fairy garden area. You can then add some smaller rocks or pebbles to make the area more interesting.

Do not forget to add a few scrubs that can be used to fill the area. Choose scrubs that have different colors to add more variety to it. Of course, if the bushes can have flowers, then it would make it more interesting. Be creative with the placement as you need to spread it around the garden.

Grass and real flower plant are also something good to have in your garden. Choose flowers that will bloom in different seasons. That way your fairy garden design will have flowers bloomed all year long. Spread the flowers around to make sure you can see the flowers from different side of the garden.

If you want to add some accessories, then you can try to give the area some lighting. The lighting will be able to light the area at night. This means, you will be able to enjoy the garden even at night. Furthermore, the garden atmosphere at night is different from the day.

Sculpture is also something that you can add to the garden area. However, you might need more budget if you want to get the sculpture. It is better to choose one with neutral tone so it can blend well with the garden area.

Pay attention to the scaling of the items you put in the garden so it will not appear awkward. Here are some fairy garden design ideas with creative look for your backyard.

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