38+ Stunning Scandinavian Winter Decoration Ideas

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A white interior does not need to be dull or dull — believe crisp, hot, clean lines, minimalist, serene, Scandinavian, intriguing. You may take a white minimalist inside or a white Scandinavian inside with splashes of color or how about a white New England inside with traces of blue or red.

However, what is that the key to getting it right? Well, it is about using different colors of white to make layering and comprising items which have feel to add warmth, depth and interest.


Beginning with the floor — when the floorboards have been in a fair state, paint them using a floor or a eggshell paint (beating down any protruding small claws, trimming and priming first).

Farrow and Ball’s Pointing is a beautiful shade of white — refreshing without being overly bright. A white rug might appear somewhat intense in terms of attempting to maintain it clean but a light grey carpeting would be user friendly and would continue to keep the palette mild.


Painting furniture is quite much in trend in the moment with the present upcycling trend. You may locate a beautiful bit of furniture (as an instance, a console or even a chest of drawers) in desire of some tender loving care in your home or in a crap or antique store.

Simply by sanding, priming, undercoat and completing it with two layers of paint and maybe some new grips, you can increase a white interior efficiently and inexpensively.


A white couch might not be the most functional in a few living rooms but a grey couch would look amazing in a mostly white living room. You can then select whether to decorate the entire appearance with a few brightly colored cushions or tone it down much more with a few plain white cushions, intermixed with the occasional white textured pillow.

White bedlinen is superbly sharp in that the bedroom and should you believe the appearance is too dull, include 2 cushions in the year’s trendy color to the mattress and a throw across the base of the mattress or put over a local chair.


Maintain the walls light also, possibly painting them using an off-white paint or employing two tone white background like Miss Printing’s Sapling Wallpaperwhich is accessible in two tone white, white using a faint golden, and silver together with white. This may add feel and attention to the walls while keeping the appearance mild and crisp.


This is in which you might have good fun by incorporating the occasional brightly colored vase or vase. However, you might keep it calm by incorporating a great deal of accessories in distinct contours and tones — believe white jugs, vases, mugs, clock, baskets for storage, a white magazine rack, white lampshades and foundations.

By employing accessories that are inexpensive, you can modify the expression of this room quite radically simply by changing the color of a number of your own accessories.

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Julia Rapoza