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Broste Copenhagen Craft

You will get an email to confirm when your item was sent. You may also find here additional details. During checkout you’ll be able to choose the technique of your selection. If you’re a modern persona and internet shopping isn’t an issue for you, or you simply don’t need to run around shops, you will surely appreciate to get BrosteCopenhagen products in an internet shop. Perhaps now is the time to begin building your collection! You can be certain you will locate a suitable BrosteCopenhagen online store with superior product costs.

BrosteCopenhagen was founded in Denmark in 1955, and is today one of Scandinavia’s leading brands in design and interior. From the very beginning, Broste Copenhagen was most known for the candles and napkins, but today has expanded their furniture to cover porcelain, interior details and even furniture. The creative team at Broste Copenhagen works relentlessly to create an assortment to complement a Nordic Lifestyle; an assortment that balances Nordic design with the trends of today.

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Julia Rapoza