35+ Top Paint Color Ideas For Living Room

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You need to be careful when choosing paint color ideas especially to be used in the living room. This area is one of the most important space in your house. You will use the area for a lot of things in your daily live or to entertain. Thus, you need to use colors that you really love and enjoy.

First thing that you might want to consider is the theme of the living room. The reason is because theme usually have typical colors that you can use. That way, it will be very helpful if you have theme to follow.

If you do not know or do not want to use any theme, then you need to think the feeling that you want to achieve in the living area. For example, if you want to get warm feeling or cool feeling. This will help you to choose the right tone for the paint color ideas.

Or you can also think of the look that you want to achieve in the living area. For example, if you want to get subtle look, then try to limit the number of shades that you have. You can try to use monochromatic color scheme that is subtle but also calming at the same time.

For elegant look, you can try to use neutral color in the color scheme. Then you can add hint of color as the accent. Choose color that have elegant atmosphere which is the feeling that you want. No worries since neutral color does not mean you only able to use white or black.

To help you choose the colors to use, try to get a color wheel. This will help you to see which color that you can use together. You can also try to check these paint color ideas that we have here. These colors are top paints that you can use in living room.

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