35+ Cool Hidden Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

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For those who have limited space to save some stuff, making the hidden storage can be a good idea to be done. Yes, the hidden storage will be very useful as the space to save some stuff without killing the space inside the room. Here, we will talk about some hidden storage ideas that maybe can be your option.

Well, knowing the ideas of hidden storage is needed, especially to increase creativity when you want to redecorate your room. With the creative room décor, I am sure that your room will look neat, more beautiful, and great from the arrangement.

Then, what are the ideas of the hidden storage to be chosen?

The hidden storage behind the TV compartment can be a good idea. By applying this idea, you can get a new space to put some stuff, such as video player, speaker, or others. It will save the space of the TV table.

The next good idea of the hidden storage is building in bookcase chair. For those who love reading, having a book rack is a must to manage the arrangement of the books. However, when your space is limited, here you can apply this good idea to put your book. With this idea, you can have a unique and useful chair.

The distressed coffee table with storage becomes the next idea that you also can consider. The coffee table is a simple property that will be useful to renew the look of the room décor. Here, you can build storage on it to save some matters, such as magazines, newspapers, and others.

Of course, applying the hidden storage is a very interesting idea to be tried, especially when you have a minimalist home décor. We have several other ideas of the hidden storage on this page. You can scroll the samples down to get more inspiration in saving the space inside your room!

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