32+ Top Type Of Moon Flowers For Your Night Garden Inspiration

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Moon flowers are very beautiful type of flowers that you can try to have in the garden. This plant is very popular as it is very suitable for any type of garden. If you want to use it, then you need to learn how to choose moon flowers.

Usually this plant is sold as a whole without any specific designation. It is because the plant itself is considered as heirloom plant that can grow easily. The best thing about this plant is that the flower bloom when the sun is set. That is why the name is moon flowers since you can see it at night time.

When you plant it with the seeds, make sure that the area is moist since it is needed to grow. Furthermore, since the flower need to grow, then you need to add some trellis around it. The vine will be able to climb the trellis and grow around a fence.

It is also something that important to know when you learn how to choose moon flowers. Even though the flower itself bloom at night, the plant still need sun to grow. That is why, you need to make sure that the area gets enough sunlight so the flower can bloom at night.

The soil should also be rich in nutrient so it will grow well. But remember that it is need to be well drained. That is why, this plant is very suitable in soil that is dry. But it still needs to get enough water to grow.

Giving it fertilizer is also a wise thing to do since it can help to promote bloom especially during the season. You can also try to combine the flower with other plants such as morning glory that will bloom during the day. Here are some inspiration when you want to learn how to choose moon flowers.

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