30+ Cool Natural Wood Edge Mirror Frame Design Ideas

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Mirror frame design that have natural wood edge will make your room appear more interesting. The wooden part of the mirror will make the frame appear more interesting. Furthermore, the natural element will make it easier for you to incorporate the room into any room.

However, there are still a lot of things that you need to consider when choosing it. First you need to consider the shape of the mirror. As you can see, mirror often comes in various shapes. This can be a good thing since you can find shape that you like to have. However, some shape might not be suitable for certain style. So, you need to figure out if it is suitable for the room beforehand.

Do not forget to measure the mirror. Especially when you already have a place where you will put the mirror. Make sure that there is enough space where you can put the mirror. Do not worry as usually you can find mirror in almost any shape.

Mirror frame design also came in various type. So, you need to choose mirror that is freestanding or hung on the wall. For bigger size mirror, freestanding would be a good option. However, if you do not have enough space in the room, then hanging mirror would be better.

Since you want to use natural frame for the mirror, then you also need to check the wood. Make sure that the type of the wood is suitable with the other wood in the room. If you cannot find the exact same wood then pay attention to the color of the wood.

It is better when the color of the wood is similar to the other wood pieces that you have throughout the room. That way, it will unite better with the rest of the furniture. Here are some mirror frame design ideas using natural wood edge.

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