28+ Inspiring Space Saving Dresser Design Ideas

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You need to have some dresser to store various items in your room. However, some of those dressers are taking too much space. Thus, you will need space saving dresser that you can place in small room. Especially when you have small bedroom where you need a lot of storage but no space to waste.

When that happen then you must be very careful when choosing which dresser to use. First it is better to choose dresser that is thin but tall. That way, it would not take too much space but still have the right amount of storage.

If it’s possible you might want to pay attention to the appearance. You can still find dressers that suit your preference. However, it is still better to choose functionality over appearance. Thus, make sure that the dresser really useful when you choose it.

Since you use taller dresser then you might find it difficult to decorate. But actually, it can be useful since you can use the handle to hung some dresses that you plan to wear that day. You can also put some artwork on top of the dresser to make the appearance more interesting.

Those who does not have a lot of space in their room might be able to put their dresser inside the closet. That way, you will get more storage in the closet without wasting any space on the floor. You can also make the dresser work well inside the closer. However, you might not be able to decorate it.

It is better to have more drawers on the dresser if that is possible. Of course, that also depends on what kind of storage that you need. Some of you might want to choose deeper drawers than a greater number of drawers. Here are some space saving dresser that you can use to design your room to be more efficient.

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