24+ Shape Up Your Space with Geometric Decor Ideas

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Relaxing and enjoying your spare time in both stunning and comfortable place is always interesting. The atmosphere will build a better mood and I am sure that you can release your pain there. Well, when you want to taste the situation like above, maybe you need to think about the geometric decor to renew the look of your space.

Do you ever hear about this idea of room decoration?

The geometric decor today becomes a new trend, especially as the concept of modern room decoration. As its name, this decor idea deals with some geometric-shaped properties, such as for the furniture, textiles, accessories, or even the wall decoration. By using the geometric properties, of course, there will be a new look of the decor with the stunning taste.

This idea of the room decor can be started by making a statement. Well, a geometric decor will look greater when you make an eye-catching statement inside the space decor. For example, you can add the star-shaped chandelier that will deliver a dramatic sense.

On another hand, when you want to make a simpler decor idea, you can use geometric as the basic idea of choosing the accessories. For example, in the wall treatment, you may choose the geometric curtain. It is a good shape of the curtain that will increase the elegance inside the decor concept.

Balancing becomes the next thing to be done when you want to apply this geometric decor idea. Here, you can combine the geometric shape with some solid matters. This combination is quite simple but the result is very interesting.

Of course, to maximize the geometric decor inside your space, you also need to consider the wall decor. Since a wall decor has the largest space, the appearance of it will influence the whole decor result. Try to find the best idea of wall decor that can be combined with the geometric decor to create a stunning space as you want.

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