22+ Smart DIY Pencil Holder Ideas Office

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Having DIY pencil holder will make your office more interesting. Moreover, it is also very useful to keep various items in your office. Since you can DIY it, that means you can customize the feature that it has.

First, you can try to attach two pencil holders together. That way, you can have more items to store in the holder. To make it more interesting, use different color on the holder. Contrasting color will make it appear unique but you can always use neutral color if you want something simple.

If you want rustic style holder, you can always use a wooden log. Add some holes on the log where you can put the pencils into. This will give your office a natural appearance that suitable with rustic style. you can use either long log or small log as you wish.

Do not forget that you can also try to make a huge hole on the log. That way, you can make a holder right in the middle of the log. This DIY pencil holder is simple but might need certain tools or skill to create.

Recycling things such as old planks or toys can also be a good way to safe the environment. This will also make the pencil holder more interesting. Another thing that makes it more interesting is to add some colors on the holder. You can paint the holder or place stickers with cute colors.

Placing a lot of colorful pencil color on the holder will also make the appearance more interesting. This is useful for artist that have a lot of colored pencils that they need to use when doing their arts.

Remember that you can use the holder to store various things such as brush, scissors, and many other office supplies. Here are some DIY pencil holder that you can use as ideas to make office storage.

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