20 Classy A Classic Eichler Home with Original Bones and New Layout

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The Eichler home can be a good idea to be applied when you want to renew the look of your room decor. Do you ever hear about this concept of the home decor? In the record of history, this idea came from California. It is a very interesting room decor with simplicity as the basic idea. Then, in California, it becomes a recommendation decor with the mountain feeling.

Things that make this room decor concept special are the simple look. For those who want to have a stunning room decor with a simple appearance can apply this idea as to its basic decor. On another hand, this decor concept is also great with its bright decor view. That is why the look of the Eichler home will be modern.

Another interesting matter about this home decor is the less partition in room division. This characteristic of the Eichler home will be very useful to make the room looks larger and there will be much fresher air there.

Then, the question is, how to decorate the room with this decor idea?

Being focus on the coloring idea is what you need to do for the first time. Since the Eichler home deals with the bright view, of course, the bright colors are the best option. Here, white can be your favorite since it is not only bright but also delivers an elegant view.

Then, to make a color combination in the room decor view, you can add colorful properties. For example, when the color of the wall is white, applying the colored sofa can be a good idea to get a stunning room view.

On this page, we have several samples of the Eichler home decor concept. You may scroll the samples down to get the ideas to start your decoration project and get a new stunning room view inside your home!

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