20+ Awesome Small Wooden Vanity Ideas Modern Bathroom

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Those that have modern bathroom might want to use wooden vanity ideas. This vanity is awesome since you can find one in small size. Thus, it is very suitable for any bathroom even those that has small size. Do not worry as you can also find it in modern style.

However, even if it is modern, some of you might want to maintain its natural color. If that is what happen then you can try to choose one that has natural finish. With this finish you will have the wooden color to adorn your bathroom.

No worries even with natural material it can still appear modern. Just make sure that the vanity has the right modern shape. That is why, you need to choose one that has straight line on the shape. Furthermore, the shape should be simple with less curve and carving to get the modern look.

Do not forget to get wooden vanity ideas in the right size. Especially when your bathroom is small. That means you need to get small vanity for it. Measure the space well to make sure you can fit the vanity that you want to use.

If it is possible, try to get wall mounted vanity. This vanity will not take any space that you have on the floor. Thus, it is suitable for small bathroom. Furthermore, floating vanity like this will make the design appear more modern. Thus, you will be able to make it more interesting.

Do not forget to choose how many sinks you want to have in the vanity. If you have small bathroom then maybe single sink is the way to go. But for large bathroom then you can try to choose double sink. Choose it based on your need since it will affect the usage. Here are some small wooden vanity ideas that you can use in modern bathroom.

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