20 Amazing Renovation of Three Levels House with Contemporary Interior for Third Generation

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The contemporary interior can be a nice theme to be applied for those who want to have a stunning view inside their home. Well, this decoration concept will be very useful to renew the look of the room decor with a sense of nature. Besides, a contemporary interior also can be combined with modern properties. That is why many people try to renovate their rooms using this idea.

The renovation substantively doesn’t need a huge amount of money, especially when you have more creativity to be applied. Here, you can start the room renovation using the contemporary style by rearranging the properties. Before you buy some properties, try to know what you already have. You can update the arrangement of the properties to get a new sense.

Besides, changing the layout also can be a simple but effective idea to renew the room view. For example, you hang a new art-work for the wall treatment or spread the different motive carpet.
The next idea to renew the interior using the contemporary style on a budget is renewing the wall treatment. Since the wall has the largest area, it will influence the whole look of the decor concept.

Wall treatment can be done by adding more art-works. Besides, you also can change the curtain. When contemporary is applied as the base of the room decor, the art-work, curtain, and other matters for the wall treatment should consist of the touches of contemporary, especially by its unique textures.

Another good idea to renovate the interior using the contemporary style is adding the greenery with the house plants. Well, it is an interesting idea to be applied. The house plants will increase the fresh air inside the room. Then, it also will provide a natural view to increasing comfort levels.

On this page, we have several ideas of the contemporary interior decor idea that can be your inspiration. Scroll the samples down and get the ideas to renew your look of the room!

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