19+ Best Shabby Chic Pillow Cover Design Ideas in Anyroom

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Choosing the interesting pillow cover design would be wonderful, especially when you want to have a great look of the room decor. The cover will provide a unique look and detail that will influence the decor effect and room appearance.

As we know, those are many ideas of the pillow cover designs in the market that you can choose to renew the look of your room decor. However, to get a maximal decor result with the stunning touch, of course, you need to be selective in choosing the pillow cover design.

Before talking about the design, discussing the materials of the pillow cover is a must. The material here will influence the comfort of it. Of course, with the great material, I am sure that you will get a comfortable pillow cover to be added to any room. Here, cotton still becomes the best material to be chosen. It is soft and safe.

Then, how about the design for the pillow cover?

You may start to choose the best pillow cover design by seeing the concept of it. When the ideas of the cover designs are divided into two, there will be the plain and textured pillow cover.
A plain cover is a good option, especially for those who want to get a classical and simple result in their room decor. These are many colors of the plain pillow cover to be considered. Of course, you still need your creativity to choose the color, such as combining it with the color of other properties, including the wall decor.

The next idea of the pillow cover to be considered is the textured one. It is an interesting idea for those who want to have both elegant and interesting pillow cover to renew the room style. Consider some textures of the pillow cover and find the interesting texture that is in line with the decor concept that you apply.

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