15 Lovely An English Cottage with Simple Traditional Interior and A Lot of Frames

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Having English cottage look using simple traditional interior will make your home appear lovely. This style combined a simple style with more traditional style which make it looked interesting. Not to mention that the house itself have a lot of frames that make the look unique.

You can see from the kitchen that uses farmhouse sink that have large size. This traditional sink is very useful and efficient. But they are decorated in simple style to make it appear more modern.

On the bedroom, you will see the usage of natural material such as wooden furniture. You can also see rattan frame used for the bedframe. This is very nice as it still uses the traditional furniture style. But it is also more environmentally friendly by using renewable materials.

Artwork is also something important in this design. You can try to use artwork to decorate your room. Even the kitchen has some artwork on the wall. any artwork can be use from simple, abstract to traditional one. You can even have English garden artwork for those who love natural appearance. Old poster also something authentic that you can get for your decoration.

Do not forget to place a lot of fabric in your decoration. You can use the fabric on the chair cushion to make it more comfortable. Then you can place things such as pillows and throw blanket to make the space more comfortable. Layering a lot of fabric is also a signature that you can use on this style.

You can also try to decorate the outdoor area with English cottage garden style. This will unite the outdoor style with the indoor style. That way you can make everything blend well together to create beautiful home. Here are English cottage that you can create using simple traditional interior that make it appear lovely with many frames.

image source : pinterest.com

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