12+ Cool and Easy DIY Light Switch Covers with Tutorials

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Applying a unique idea in wall decoration is very interesting. The unusual idea will be very useful to increase the look of the room decor. On another hand, I am sure that the simple decor idea also will create a more creative decor concept. Well, do you ever hear about the DIY light switch covers as the idea of wall decor?

For some people maybe it is an unusual idea to be applied and they are unfamiliar with it. However, thinking about the covers of the light switch is a good idea, especially when you want to add a more pattern of the wall decor.

The switch cover will deliver a new touch in your room decor. This idea of stuff decor is more appropriate for the modern room decor. Here, you will find the combination of the plain-light wall color with the textured switcher.

Then, what to do to decorate the light switcher?

Recoloring can be a very easy idea to be applied when you want to apply this decor concept. Since it is a DIY style, you are free to recolor the switcher with the color that you want. Here, to get a beautiful effect, you can contrast the color of the switcher with the color of the wall.

Besides, adding some textures in switcher coloring is also a good idea to be applied. Here, you may make some abstract lines, dots, and other textures in the face of the switcher. It is simple but the appearance of the switcher will be unique.

The next idea to be applied in decorating the light switcher is by reshaping. It is a more complicated idea but the result is also interesting. Here, you may add more materials as the border of the switcher to change the look of it.

Well, on this page, we have several samples of the DIY light switch covers that you can find. See the samples to get more inspiration in applying this decor idea!

image source : pinterest.com

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