10+ Best Spectacular Modern Houses to Go Crazy About in 2019

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We’re going crazy about these spectacular modern houses in 2019. And we are sure you will get excited too after seeing our top 10+ list.

Modern houses are a pinnacle of residential architecture. The common trends we usually see in new developments include open concepts, harmony with nature, huge glass windows putting interiors on display, and adding traditional details for accents and charm. There’s also a lot of attention to high-tech and sustainability.

And while trends come and go, good design is here to stay. There are many directions and styles in house building, but we can still pick the unique and inspiring examples to keep you on edge. There’s a lot to love these residences for, both small and large. And there are designs for every taste.

So check out these 10+ most amazing modern houses that we’ve had a lot of fun picking out (updated for 2019).

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Julia Rapoza